Kyu Testing Policy (Under Black Belt)
1. To be qualified for giving tests for brown belt and up, the main testers should have taught students at that level before or helped grade at least two tests at that level. 2. A committee of two (2) qualified instructors will be able to test up to 2-degrees under the rank of the highest ranking instructor, with at least one Shodan on the committee. See the following guideline for testers vs- rank testing: • Black Belt can test and promote up to Green Belt • Shodan can test and promote up to 2 Brown Stripes • Nidan can test and promote up to Brown Belt • Sandan can test and promote up to 2 Black Stripes Note: See Dan Testing Policy for Black Belt and above. 3. Testers must test all required elements. 4. Testers must complete test within the allotted time. 5. Do not overemphasize any one facet of the requirements. 6. Once students have demonstrated proficiency in a particular requirement, testers must move on to the next requirement. 7. If the student does not appear to pass a certain segment, testers must not overemphasize their lack of ability, thus preventing the student from being too discouraged. 8. Only repeat certain requirements over and over if you are unsure about the student's performance for the test results. 9. "Drill sergeant" approach must be eliminated. 10. Positive input and comments should occur even in a non-passing situation. 11. Failing students should be the last resort, however when necessary, the student's instructor should be present when the results are given. Note: Pass or Fail for 1 Black Stripe and higher (No Probation with exception of Board Breaking and Late Paper). 12. Grade the student on overall performance. Passing/probation should not be based on any one (1) particular requirement. 13. Testers should have an outline prepared prior to the test and share that outline with their assistants. 14. Part of being an Assistant Tester is learning how to give a test, therefore Testers should allow their assistants to run a portion of the test. It is the experienced tester's responsibility to critique their assistants and give them insight on how to give and grade a test.