Teaching System for Cuong Nhu Self-Defense Sets
All of the self-defense sets should be trained using this simple system. When teaching a group of students with varying ranks, they can train their rank-required sets together in a consistent manner. After the initial grab or attack, the student should: 1. Move offline and counterattack: Angle off to the side, counterattack with a punch to the face, kick to the groin or whatever is available. Take the opponent off balance in doing so. 2. Apply the signature release (the rank set theme) and continue to counterattack: If it’s a 1 green stripe set, the signature release is Thumb Escape. Apply the appropriate release and counter with multiple techniques to opponent, sticking to opponent in a “wet blanket” manner. 3. Take the base: While counterattacking opponent, apply some take down like attacking a knee to collapse opponent or reaping a leg; and 4. Contain: Make sure when on the ground, the opponent cannot counter with their kicks or hands by pinning down their legs with your knees and beating and trapping their arms so they cannot move.