Critical Dojo Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Know the curriculum - (kata can be your guide)
    1. Adults
    2. Teens
    3. Youth
    4. Preschool
  2. Teach to the curriculum
    1. Organize class time to cover specific aspects of the curriculum
    2. Pair higher ranks with lower ranks to insure a feedback loop regarding progress, and to enable higher ranks to get a type of teaching experience
    3. Create enough repetition that skills are successfully learned
    4. Teach creatively and motivate your students to want to learn and teach
    5. Provide a feedback method during training and after testing
    6. Provide study sheets, rank check-off sheets, etc.
  3. Identify a method for managing testing
    1. Determine how you plan your testing schedule
    2. Decide who will be giving the exams
    3. Create a timeline to keep the exam within the scheduled test time period
    4. Develop a recognition process to use when doing promotions, ie. certificate…
    5. Have a notification system for upcoming testing - email, white board, announcements, etc.
  4. Training a leadership team
    1. Have regular meetings to inform, mentor and feedback to staff
    2. Have student mentors in each class
    3. Teach team teaching methods
    4. Develop good assessment tools: teacher, program, curriculum
Administration Create a system for managing your business
  1. Purchase a turn key software system
  2. Track attendance
  3. Get signed waivers
  4. Collect appropriate contact information
  5. Buy insurance
  6. Create and manage a website
  7. Develop office management tasks, ie. Answer phone/message, data updates
  8. Decide on a membership program (one that grows with the student)
  9. Set up an exam protocol
Marketing Lead Management
  1. Have a system for following up on leads
  2. Send automated emails
  3. Offer specials online and with coupons
  4. Offer promotions: Buddy Days, Back to school special, New Years’ Resolutions
  5. Set up a refer-a-friend program
  6. Have a social media presence
  7. Generate monthly stat reports
  1. Hire a bookkeeper (or do it yourself)
  2. Monitor income and expenses weekly
  3. Balance your checkbook/credit card
  4. Generate monthly stat reports (use analytics)
Internal Job Descriptions Director: runs all programs, manages staff, creates campaigns, schedules all classes, develops curriculum, runs testing, develops STORM team, sets vision Asst Director: supports director functions; participates in testing Front Desk Administrator: Daily operations such a check in students, answer and return phone calls, lead management, product sales, calendaring exams and booking students into exams and events, updating exam results, collecting dues, maintaining financial institution details (updating expired credit cards, banking info), generating needed reports. Program Manager: Organizes special events
  1. Summer camps
  2. Bully prevention
  3. Self defense workshops
  4. Movie nights
  5. Picnics & other social events
Social Media Director: maintains Facebook, twitter and other social networks, gathers testimonials and posts on Yelp, Parent’s Network, etc. Teacher Certification Director: Trains new brown and black belts to become ongoing paid instructors, prepares & mentors green belt students to be asst teachers; works to develop STORM team Maintenance and Cleaning: Keeping the dojo clean, stocked with supplies and doing or coordinating repairs as needed.