Black Belt / Dan Candidate Requirements

Candidates are responsible for completing the following checklist of requirements:

Letter of Recommendation

To become a candidate eligible for testing a letter of recommendation from your head instructor or a senior rank in your region must be submitted to CNMAA.

Seminars & IATC

Candidates should attend a minimum of two training seminars a year prior to the test date to be considered for candidacy. (One to include the candidate seminar closest to your test date)

Candidates are required to attend one International Annual Training Camp (IATC) prior to their test date.

Testing Fee

A testing fee of $100 dollars must to be submitted to CNMAA. Candidates testing for Shodan are exempt from the testing fee.

Black Belt / Dan Test Form & Candidate Form

All Black Belt / Dan candidates must submit a Test Form and Candidate Form to CNMAA.

Black Belt: Test Form, Candidate Form
Shodan and up: Test Form, Candidate Form

First Aid & CPR Certifications

Candidates for Shodan and above are required to provide copies of their First Aid and CPR Certificates to be on file with CNMAA.

Send your test fee and paperwork to CNMAA at the following address:

1463 Mallard Landing Blvd.
Saint Johns, FL 32259

Black Belt and Dan Test Papers

Grandmaster Quynh would like to remind all candidates submitting black belt or dan test papers that the papers are meant to be personal rather than academic. You are free to choose any subject matter, provided you relate it to your personal experiences in training and/or teaching Cuong Nhu, and your personal development through training. For example, if you write about philosophy, focus on how you personally have experienced or applied that philosophy. If you write about a technical aspect of training, show how your understanding of it has affected you personally in your development as a martial artist and as a human being. Don't write a dry essay suitable for school. It doesn't matter whether or not you are a "good writer." Just speak simply, directly, and honestly. Use your mind, but more importantly, show us your heart!

It is recommended to have your head instructor or a senior rank in your region review your paper before submitting the paper to your tester.

Your paper must be submitted to your tester one month prior to the test date.

Bring a copy of your paper to your test.